There is a left navigation bar, and a right grid of thumbnails. Every family has a list of morphospecies. Catagories with small arrows have subsidiary categories. Drag the white line of the navigation bar to adapt to your monitor size. When you click on a family, the page will display a few selected images from the included species. Placing the cursor on an image displays what species it belongs to.


Click the thumbnails for a detailed view and specific data on the image; place the pop-up window somewhere in your monitor, it will stay there for the next time.

Focal planes

Open consecutive focal planes in the pop-up widow, then use Alt-[arrows] <-- and --> to go up and down.

Sending identifications or comments

From any pop-up window click on the "Comments?" link. It will open your default e-mail program and start a pre-formatted message, placing the image name in the body of the message. We will use the image name for reference.


All images in these pages are copyrighted. Ask for authorization for duplication or copying